Huawei MateBook X Official Teaser of Thin And Light Notebook Released

Huawei MateBook X Official Teaser

Huawei has scheduled a new MateBook series launch on August 19, according to Yu Chengdong revealed that this is Huawei three years to carry a “lightweight” heavy-specs new product, and today the announced Huawei MateBook X official teaser.

The MateBook X is smaller than an A4 sheet of paper, fitting your phone into your computer, cross-screen transfers come and go with ease, lightness of touch, the sound of the voice, etc.

With only two days left in the launch, Huawei Terminal officials today released above preview video revealing the main selling points of the Huawei MateBook X: a good thin and light notebook, a sensitive touchpad, and a smooth touchscreen

It was previously reported that the Huawei MateBook X has a FreeTouch pressure-sensitive touchpad solution similar to Apple’s MacBook, as well as NFC, which is more convenient for multi-screen collaboration. Multi-screen collaboration has always been a major feature of Huawei’s MateBook series, and this time the NFC is integrated directly into the touchpad, so the experience will be even better.

It is also rumored that the Huawei MateBook X has a fanless design and uses a heat-balancing plate to conduct heat, achieving zero noise. The Huawei MateBook X also pioneered a new technology – a heat pipe linked to the screen pivot, making the laptop pivot a heat sink.


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