Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi Business May Blocked due to Delay in Approval of Part-product Certification

India postponed the approval of mobile phone parts product certification, Xiaomi, OPPO business may be blocked

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has delayed approvals for mobile phone components and televisions in recent months, hampering business for Chinese companies such as Xiaomi, Vivo, and OPPO, according to industry sources.

Chinese smartphone brands, such as OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi, account for 80 percent of smartphone sales in India. While most of the products from these two suppliers are assembled in India, many components are imported from China.

Under the BIS registration scheme, specified electronics, whether imported or domestically designed, have to meet Indian standards. A supply brief from a Chinese smartphone maker said it had been hit by delays in approvals and that BIS applications, which would normally be processed within 15 days, were now “still on hold”.

The BIS director general has not responded to a request for comment, Xiaomi has declined to comment and OPPO has yet to respond.


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