Why Xiaomi created Transparent OLED TV? Lei Jun Answered All Questions

Why Xiaomi created Transparent OLED TV?

Why Xiaomi created Transparent OLED TV?

Why Xiaomi created Transparent OLED TV?

Xiaomi released the world’s first mass-produced transparent TV, the Mi Master OLED transparent TV (Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition), equipped with a 55-inch OLED screen, 120Hz refresh rate, priced at 49,999 yuan. Lei Jun said on Weibo that the mass production of this transparent TV is much more difficult than expected, and explained why he still insisted on doing it.

Lei Jun said that the Xiaomi Transparent TV, which is Xiaomi’s pioneering work on the way to exploring the ultimate form of future TVs, has a screen that is like a piece of transparent glass that can barely be felt before it’s lit. It removes the traditional back panel, the screen is almost “disappearing”, as if the future of the screen can be seen in science fiction movies into reality.

The engineer culture gene has been flowing in the bones, so that all Xiaomi people will put everything into a “silly project” with the label of “three no laws”.This extreme thirst for the future, giving the “butterfly” cocoon force, “for 1% of the possible contribution of 100% focus” unique values, along with the Xiaomi’s ten years journey, never changed.

Why Xiaomi created Transparent OLED TV?

Xiaomi Transparent TV has 1.07 billion color display, 93% cinematic P3 wide color gamut, professional-grade color depth 10bit, contrast ratio 15000:1, 120Hz MEMC high-speed motion compensation, 1ms instantaneous response. Xiaomi Transparent TV uses MIUI for TV transparent interaction system, the UI interface floats in the air like a magic card. The transparent screen and mirrored round base are self-contained and very futuristic.

Here is Lei Jun’s Complete post about Why they created Transparent TV.

Why does China want to make transparent TV?

From the release of the first Mi TV in 2013, Mi TV has grown from an industry recruit to the first TV brand in the history of Chinese TV with annual shipments of over 10 million units. This achievement is full of trust in Mi Fan. Focusing on the future, Xiaomi wants to explore the no man’s land in the TV field, and then drive the ecological transformation of the entire industry.

The Xiaomi Transparent TV is such an “exploration piece” that pays tribute to the future. It wraps Xiaomi’s original intention to make a “touching” product, and Xiaomi wants to make the first pair of wings in this butterfly effect.

In the next ten years, your TV should be a work of art. What kind of form should future TV be?

Perhaps, it should have no form. When you need it, it appears immediately, presenting what you want, and when you don’t need it, it is invisible. This ultimate future experience is what Xiaomi wants to explore and desire to achieve.

Xiaomi Transparent TV is the pioneering work of Xiaomi in exploring the ultimate form of future TV. Its screen is like a piece of transparent glass, and its existence is hardly felt before it is lit. It removes the traditional back panel, and the screen almost “disappears”, as if the future screen that can only be seen in science fiction movies has entered reality.

The desire for the future to give the “butterfly” the power to break the cocoon.

Mi Transparent OLED TV is to use the existing technology to make a future-shaped product, which usually means an uncountable investment and an unpredictable result, which cannot escape “no-cost control”. “No profit expectation”, “no technical experience” “three no law”, such “stupid projects” may not be able to establish projects for most brands.

The engineer’s cultural gene flowing in the bones will make all Xiaomi people put all their efforts into a “stupid project” labeled “the law of three nos.” This extreme thirst for the future has given the “butterfly” the power to break the cocoon and the unique value of “contributing 100% to the 1% possibility”, which has never changed with Xiaomi’s ten-year journey.

Making “the world’s first mass-produced transparent TV” itself is crazy.

The difficulty of Xiaomi’s transparent TV is mass production. Many people may not know that the initial form of Xiaomi’s transparent TV is a piece of “transparent glass”. Besides, everything is blank. Giving life to a piece of “transparent glass” is no less difficult than creating new categories.

With years of accumulation of TV technology, Xiaomi finally became “the world’s first mass-produced transparent OLED TV brand” and also “the first domestic transparent OLED TV OBM manufacturer”. OBM is called OLED Basic Module, which means that it is independently completed by TV manufacturers.

The entire process of OLED module R&D, design, system testing, and manufacturing is an “entry ticket” for judging whether a company can independently develop OLED. In the field of transparent OLED, Xiaomi is the only TV brand that can be mass-produced in China. Xiaomi dared to be the first and wanted to make the first pair of wings in the butterfly effect.

Therefore, future TV may be a transparent screen!

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