ZTE A20 5G Under-screen Camera; Don’t Worry Technology is Mature Now

ZTE A20 5G Under-screen Camera

Ni Fei, president of ZTE’s Terminal Division, has already announced in his microblog yesterday that the world’s first under-screen camera “ZTE A20 5G” smartphone will be brought by ZTE, and today, ZTE executives have warmed up to this new model, which has yet to be released.

The application of the under-screen camera will allow the smartphone to achieve a true full-screen experience, but as a new technology, its photographic effect may have to be compromised because it is difficult to capture enough light. However, Lu Qianhao, head of ZTE’s Consumer Experience Department, said on Weibo today that “there’s no need to worry about the new camera’s selfie effect.”

Lu Qianhao said: “The new machine selfie effect do not worry about doing blind tests, the ladies said well. What’s more, a complete and pure true – full screen brings a sense of immersion and aesthetics, not bangs, water drops, dug holes, etc. can be comparable, while not having to endure the pop-up camera full screen brings half a pound of brick feeling.”

ZTE A20 5G could use the VisionOX display solution and will be mass-produced. VisionOX has previously announced the first mass-produced commercial off-screen camera solution, which applies new transparent OLED devices, new driver circuits and pixel structures, and new highly transparent materials.

A special pixel arrangement is optimized to eliminate the brightness, color gamut, and viewing angle differences between the transparent secondary and primary screens, enabling volume delivery.


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