Impressive iQOO 5 Camera Samples Officially Shared

iQOO 5 Night Camera Samples

iQOO’s new iQOO 5 series will be released on the 17th of this month, and as is customary before a new phone is released, iQOO’s official Weibo has today previewed iQOO 5 camera samples.

iQOO 5 Camera Sample

I can see the stars. I can see the horses. I’m broad and delicate, and bright in the dark. Cool people, are you ready for the new me on August 17? “iQOO 5 SuperSpeed Racing” Notice the 3.4 sheet comparison of the polar night mode.

The iQOO phone states.

iQOO 5 Night Camera Samples

iQOO 5 Night Camera Samples: Night Mode On/Off

From iQOO 5 night camera sample comparison images of the night scene mode, iQOO 5 this time did the phone as a night vision again, the above first photo is in almost total darkness, in second photo night scene mode is turned on and photo look like captured in daylight first, even the stars in the sky shot sharply visible, and the image is very pure.

The new iQOO 5 will be a phone with a triple-lens, and that’s probably why it doesn’t have the improvised lens this time, and it also includes a periscope telephoto, which will be a substantial improvement in terms of photography.

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