World’s 1st ZTE UNDER-SCREEN Camera Phone is About to Debut

ZTE Under-screen Camera Phone

ZTE Under-screen Camera Phone

The long-awaited under-screen camera phone that users have been waiting for is finally in mass production. This morning, Ni Fei, president of ZTE’s Terminal Division, confirmed that ZTE will launch the world’s first under-screen camera smartphone, and said to be named the ZTE A20 5G.

Innovation never ends, dreams go further! I have a showdown. The world’s first smartphone with an under-screen camera is ZTE! – Said Ni Fei

ZTE Under-screen Camera Phone

From the naming, the positioning of the machine should not be a flagship, understandable, after all, the under-screen camera technology is not yet fully mature.

And it should be mentioned that, although the camera can already be placed under the screen, the most important issue facing the front camera imaging quality, due to cover a layer of the screen, so it will affect the imaging quality to some extent, which requires more algorithms to solve.

For example, OPPO has previously shown the “perspective panoramic screen”, the front camera area is smaller, better hidden, off-screen can be ignored, the bright screen does not affect the overall visual effects, but there is still a gauze effect when taking selfies.

It has been suggested that ZTE’s solution may come from Visionox, which has already announced the first mass-produced commercial off-screen camera solution that applies new transparent OLED devices, new driver circuitry and pixel structures, and highly transparent new materials. Volume deliveries are made possible by a special pixel arrangement optimized to eliminate the brightness, color gamut, and viewing angle differences between the transparent secondary and primary screens. Furthermore, Microsoft also announced their AI Repair technology which artificially restores picture details.

Of course, it is undeniable that the process of mobile phones to full-screen development, under the screen camera is currently the most perfect solution. In addition to ZTE, domestic manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OPPO, and Huawei are also developing under-screen camera phones, which may debut soon, so we’ll see.


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