TCL Narrowest LCD Bottom is just About 2.4mm

TCL Narrowest LCD Bottom

TCL Narrowest LCD Bottom

For the change of the front screen of the phone, these years users can be considered to witness history, from the earliest 16:9 to the current full-screen, even if it is not completely comprehensive, but also very close to what we imagine.

But because of the supply chain process problems, even COF packaging technology, leaving the chin part of the visual effects and the other three bezels are not consistent, for this problem, TCL Huaxing recently gave their answer.

TCL Huaxing official Weibo today said in an article, in the original COG architecture, a unique approach, has compressed the LCD module lower border to the world’s smallest 2.4mm (display area to the FPC bending vertex), successfully developed the world’s narrowest LCD lower border module products, the overall lower border of the module compared to the existing mass production specifications to reduce 20%.

TCL Huaxing said, in response to the challenges facing the panel industry under the border, TCL Huaxing set up a special technical team, which took 2 years to overcome several technical problems, apply for Huaxing independent patents, through the IC design, panel design, process innovation, breaking the conventional layout of the lower border on the panel of the various functions.

TCL Narrowest LCD Bottom

From TCL Huaxing bring the picture comparison can be seen, even if the LCD screen, the chin frame part of the phone than the COF package OLED screen is also narrower, the visual effect is also more excellent, just do not know yet when this technology will be officially mass production and to market.

It is reported that the TCL Huaxing super full-screen using the new IC, new design, new process, effectively reduces the screen frame, enhance the screen-to-screen ratio of full-screen, creating a unified effect. TCL Huaxing’s next generation of more stunning full-screen technology has been in development pre-research, soon to market.


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