Redmi K30 Ultra Performance Review: Uncovering Dimensity 1000+ Capability

Redmi K30 Ultra Price

Redmi K30 Ultra Review

In addition to the Xiaomi 10 Ultra, Xiaomi 10 anniversary presentation also brings the Redmi K30 Ultra premiered as promised. In terms of price, the Redmi K30 Ultra 6+128GB for RMB 1999, 8+128GB for RMB 2199, 8+256GB for RMB 2499, and 8+512GB for RMB 2699.

Redmi K30 Ultra Price


It continues the design of the K30 Pro in terms of form factor, with a bangs-free/waterdrop-free non-shaped screen on the front, a pop-up full-screen solution with a screen-to-body ratio of 92.7%, available in Moon White, Polar Night Black, and Mint Green, and weighs 213 grams.

As for the screen, the Redmi K30 Ultra features a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz (with adaptive frame rate support), a 240Hz touch sampling rate, 1200 nits of peak brightness, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut support and HDR10+ display.

At the core, it is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ chip, 7nm process, flagship Cortex A77+Mali-G77 architecture, 4500mAh battery capacity, and supports 33W wired fast charging.

On the camera department, the Redmi K30 Ultra consists of a 64-megapixel primary + 13-megapixel super wide-angle + 5-megapixel macro + 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens on the rear, and a 20-megapixel selfie shooter on the front with support for Audio Zoom sound source zoom and Magic Sky Shift 3.0.

Redmi K30 Ultra Performance Review

The Redmi K30 Ultra is powered by MediaTek’s latest integrated 5G flagship mobile processing platform, the Dimensity 1000+, which is second only to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 in terms of CPU and GPU performance, and has a combined AnTuTuTu score of 539,786, making it the second-best Android phone. AI performance ranked #1 in the world by AI Benchmark website, it can be said that the Dimensity 1000+ has secured a place in the 5G flagship processor space.

The latest flagship architecture CPU, GPU: Second best performance in the world.

Dimensity 1000+ adopts 4 Arm Cortex-A77 flagship performance cores clocked up to 2.6GHz, 4 ARM Cortex-A55 high-efficiency cores, A77 performance is 20% higher and power consumption is 15% lower than its predecessor A76 cores, high-performance cores can be used for high-performance computing needs, high-efficiency cores can also be perfect for daily use scenarios.

The Dimensity 1000+ measured GeekBench 5.0 single-core scores up to 790 points and multi-core scores up to 3100 points. With the advanced 7nm process, the Dimensity 1000+ can deliver the best performance and balance the performance and power consumption in daily use, providing a smooth and stable experience for the Redmi K30 Ultra.

The GPU is powered by flagship architecture, 9-core Arm Mali-G77 GPU. The G77 cores consume 20% more power than its predecessor’s G76 cores, allowing mainstream games to run at full frame rate even in high quality. With the MediaTek Hyper Engine 2.0 and MI GameTurbo dual game optimization engine, the Dimensity 1000+ can improve game loading speed, optimize power consumption, reduce network latency, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth anti-interference, and intelligently adjust CPU, GPU, and memory resource scheduling to enhance game performance.

The Dimensity 1000+ also achieved excellent results in the GFXBench 5.0 graphical computing test. The low load test Manhattan 3.0/3.1 scenario and high load Car Chase scenario both outperformed the flagship mobile phone, and the Aztec Ruins scenario, which can drain the performance of the top processor GPU, also outperformed the chip.

Meanwhile, in 3DMark’s Sling Shot Extreme scenario, the Dimensity 1000+ scored 7.9% higher than the flagship chip in the OpenGL 3.1 API. Even under the latest Vulkan API, the Dimensity 1000+ scored 6096 points, far higher than the 5653 points of our flagship chip.

In-game tests, the Redmi K30 Ultra was able to run mainstream 3D games at full frame rate, and with MediaTek’s HyperEngine 2.0 and Mi GameTurbo dual-game engine, it was able to run mainstream FPS games, such as team battles, car races, and gun battles, at full frame rate, taking full advantage of the performance of the four A77 cores advantages.

Not only does it support dual 5G standby: What’s more, the black technology 5G dual-carrier convergence is added.

The Dimensity 1000+ integrates MediaTek Helio M70 baseband and supports MediaTek 5G UltraSave power-saving technology, which dynamically adjusts the power supply configuration according to the actual network conditions, and dynamically allocates bandwidth according to application requirements.

It also allows data connections to automatically switch between active and hibernate states based on the application’s traffic demand, which can be allocated on demand to reduce power consumption. With Xiaomi’s Smart Switch, the Redmi K30 Ultra can intelligently identify the user’s usage scenarios and adjust the appropriate network strategy in real-time.

For example, text transfer such as typing and chatting is automatically adjusted to the 4G network, while downloading and live streaming are automatically adjusted to 5G, which dynamically selects the best network to save power.

Redmi K30 Ultra is equipped with the most advanced network communication technology, in addition to SA/NSA 5G dual-mode networking, but also supports 5G dual SIM standby. The two SIM cards support simultaneous 5G standby, which enables dual 5G residency compared to the previous generation’s 5G+4G, enabling you to switch to a better signal 5G network at any time. It also supports the Always-on 5G function, which intelligently selects the better quality 5G network based on the signal quality of the two cards.

MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ supports 5G dual-carrier aggregation technology, which brings significant improvement in performance and connection stability. By aggregating two 100MHz carriers, it is possible to obtain a 200MHz ultra-large channel, doubling the speed of the 5G network. 5G dual-carrier aggregation not only makes network speed faster but also improves 5G reception by 30% by aggregating low-frequency carriers + high-frequency carriers, taking full advantage of the wide coverage of low-frequency carriers.

AI Benchmark scores first in the world; Equipped with a new 6-core APU 3.0 architecture

Dimensity 1000+ adopts a new generation of 2 large cores + 3 small cores + 1 micro core, high performance and low power consumption 6-core APU 3.0 architecture, supporting up to 4.5 TOPS of powerful computing power, as well as supporting the unique design of FP16 (16-bit floating point) and INT16 (16-bit integer) to provide accurate AI camera calculations, ensuring the best image quality for shooting and video streaming.

The APU 3.0 supports AI camera functions including the face, scene, object recognition, AI video super-clear, and AI video blur removal. Besides, strong support is available for AI to assist, application, or system enhancement technology requirements.

With the excellent AI performance of the Dimensity 1000+, the Redmi K30 Ultra has won the world’s top score in AI Benchmark.


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