Redmi G Gamebook Release Date and Apperance Officially Announced

Redmi G gamebook

Redmi G gamebook

Redmi G Gamebook

Xiaomi Notebook officials today announced that the Redmi gaming book is coming soon and will be released on August 14 at 14:00 at the Super Gamer show.

The Redmi Gaming Book will be released on August 14:00 at the Super Gamers Game Show. A fanatical obsession with high performance, from the inside out to be cool. Based on the official posters released, the Redmi gaming book will likely belong to the “G” series.

At the same time, Redmi gamebook official images of the machine’s appearance have been released and confirmed that the machine is named Redmi G gamebook.

The Redmi G gamebook features an all-black armor design, known as the “all-rounder”, and the images show that the machine has narrow left, right and top bezels of the screen, wide bottom bezels, and huge cooling openings on both sides of the body, highlighting its attributes as a gamebook.

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Redmi G gamebook is expected to be powered by an i5-10200H processor. For reference, the Xiaomi gaming book is up to an Intel 9th Generation Core i7 processor, powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX2060 unique graphics, with a 15.6-inch 144Hz gaming display. It’s also a good idea to look forward to the official announcement of more information about the device.

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