OnePlus Hydrogen OS 11 a.k.a OxygenOS 11 New Features And Upgrade Plan

Hydrogen OS 11 a.k.a OxygenOS 11 New Features

On the afternoon of August 10, a plus HydrogenOS listening session 2.0 was held as scheduled, hydrogen OS 11 was officially unveiled.

Hydrogen OS 11 New Features

OnePlus HydrogenOS 11 adopts a very inclusive design, bringing a new AOD, smart gallery, voice note, multi-person zen mode, a new dark mode and other features, and new fast switching multiple applications of the flashback key.

Hydrogen OS 11 Official Introduction

The OnePlus 8 series of hydrogen OS 11 developer preview version 3 (Android 11 DP2) can only be downloaded at night. User put together some official video materials, and you can experience some of the interactions of the new system, and it looks good.

Hydrogen OS 11 Hands-On Experience Video (Credit: Source 2)

The new OnePlus H2OS 11 brings a refreshing design, said Zeng Xi, creative director of OnePlus, “The design concept of hydrogen OS 11 is to break down barriers with inclusive design.” On Hydrogen OS 11, the design will return to the essence, using the simplest elements to create, so that people of different races, cultures, and backgrounds can “understand at a glance”, for example, new typography has been adopted for the commonly used weather app so that the information on the interface is layered and clear at a glance.

Mobile wallpaper also fully echoes the design philosophy of hydrogen OS 11, not only good-looking but also through real-time rendering technology to echo the changes in the color of the sky and time, morning, midday, and evening will bring users a completely different visual experience.

There are many new features added to Hydrogen OS 11, such as AOD (Always On Display), Smart Gallery and Voice Notes, AOD is one of the most popular features among OnePlus users, AOD in Hydrogen OS 11 not only has the regular function of displaying the time, weather, notifications, and other information on the screen at rest but also adds a series of special functions. OnePlus calls it “Year Wheel AOD”. Turning on AOD’s Shadow Theme function converts a photo into a highly accurate line drawing and keeps it always bright so that meaningful photos can always be accompanied.

At the same time, AOD can reflect the uniqueness of each user and show the user’s digital life on the holographic interface, which is a timeline composed of the user’s frequency and duration of mobile phone use, reminding users to maintain self-discipline and health in their digital life and to make better use of the mobile phone instead of being exploited by it.

HydrogenOS 11’s Smart Gallery integrates photo editing and adds a new “Week in Review” feature that uses AI algorithms to automatically clip together video highlights at the end of each week, with music and filters, to generate video clips of the user’s memories of the week.

The new voice recording function in the memo not only allows you to directly record instant inspiration quickly and accurately but also allows you to flexibly switch between voice and text with the help of the high recognition rate AI voice to text.

Hydrogen OS has always been committed to co-creation with its users, and several new features on Hydrogen OS 11 are coming from One Plus’ global users, such as the multiplayer zen mode 2.0 and the new dark mode.

The multi-user zen mode supports users to create virtual rooms and invite friends to complete multi-user zen meditation and clock-in sharing.

The new dark mode after more than 130 attempts to find the black to make the visual more comfortable, and use different shades of black to show the content information layers, the dark mode also supports fast on and time to enable, making the reading experience better.

Besides, the new Dark Mode in Hydrogen OS 11 is also WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) Double-A certified, providing a better dark mode experience for visually impaired users.

Hydrogen OS 11 brings a new set of ORM memory management system, which significantly improves memory utilization efficiency, runs more applications under the same memory conditions, and significantly reduces the probability of accidental killing in the background.

According to OnePlus’s measurement, OnePlus 8 Pro (8 GB RAM version) has an average of 12.5 frequently used applications residing in the background before the upgrade, while the average number of applications residing in the background after the upgrade increases to 17.7, an increase of 41.6%.

The new Turbo Booster 2.0 frame rate optimization technology is designed for the high refresh rate screen of the OnePlus so that the phone can better hold the “full-frame rate” in games and other scenarios. Coupled with the new Smart Background Freeze and skip doFrame technology, Hydrogen OS 11 is not only light and smooth but also more power-efficient.

Hydrogen OS 11 will support the One Plus 6 and all subsequent One Plus phones. Today, users of the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro can download the beta version to experience some of the features of Hydrogen OS 11 beforehand.

HydrogenOS 11 Upgrade Plan

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