Exposing Huawei’s Nanniwan Project, HongMeng Hiring Urgently to Evade American Technology

Huawei’s Nanniwan Project

Huawei has nowhere to go with the continued US crackdown, and is blocked from hardware to software, so what’s next? Huawei can only rely on themselves.

It’s been said that Huawei has started a new project codenamed “Nanniwan Project”, which is intended to circumvent products containing American technology, while accelerating the laptop, smart screen business, and will release a new MateBook notebook in the middle of this month, and they both do not contain American technology.

Now trusted Weibo blogger Changan Digital Jun (长安数码君), exposed that Huawei is “Nanniwan”, “HongMeng” project emergency recruiting, Huawei official voice of the community also has a lot of about “urgent recruitment of development and testing, is expected to recruit the sufficient number of people, approval fast!” The post is spreading.

Nanniwan” is famous in history: the anti-Japanese war, is our party army in Nanniwan to carry out large-scale production activities, the purpose is to overcome economic difficulties, to achieve self-sufficiency in production, to adhere to the lasting war, the great man also left “do it yourself, enough food and clothing.”

Huawei to the “Nanniwan” name to start new projects, naturally, through “self-reliance, hard work”, “in difficult times, hoping to achieve self-sufficiency”.

Allegedly, laptops, smart screens, IoT smart home products are included in the Nanniwan project, these are completely free from the U.S. win want products, but in fact, the Nanniwan project is far from this, covering a wide range of areas, the need to invest in a lot of, many aspects are drastic changes.

As difficult as it is, Huawei is still coming up with all sorts of strategies to deal with it, rather than just sitting back and waiting to die!

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