Apple A14 Performance Rises Upto 50 Percent Compared to A13 SoC

Apple A14 Performance

TSMC has already started the production of the A14, mainly because of the full use of the iPhone 12 this year, to meet Apple’s orders. So, in terms of performance gains, Apple didn’t restrain itself too much, so is it hard not to worry about the endurance?

Credit: Apple

Now the question arises, what will be the performance of the Apple A14 under the 5nm process? According to today’s insider report, Apple A14 is simple and crude compared to the previous generation A13, with a 40 percent CPU boost and a straight 50 percent GPU boost.

Earlier spy photos of the A14 chip reported, the “royal” chip of the iPhone 12 series, have been revealed, and it is said that the increased performance of the A14 chip is mainly due to improved thermal management, while the A14 chips to be shipped in large scale this month, TSMC this year is expected to provide Apple with a new generation of A14 chips. Prepare 80 million A14 chips for the iPhone 12 series.

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