Apple iPhone 12 Wireless Charging Module Exposed

Apple iPhone 12 Wireless Charging Module

Apple iPhone 12 Wireless Charging Module

After publicly canceling the AirPower project, it was widely rumored that Apple would relaunch the wireless charger program this year. From the reveal, it appears that Apple intends to add magnets to the iPhone 12 wireless charging module, which, when combined with a wireless charging dock that also features magnetism (such as the rumored reboot of AirPower), will eliminate the need to align the phone with the wireless charger module when charging the iPhone.

A wireless charging case to go with the iPhone 12 has also been spotted, and it looks like its wireless charging module will have the same design.

When Apple announced the AirPower wireless charging mat a few years ago, one of its key features was support for charging anywhere on the charging pad without the need for a device alignment coil-like other wireless chargers.

In fact, the Apple Watch is designed for magnetic charging, and when the back of the Apple Watch is placed on the magnetic charging dock, the charger’s magnets align the Apple Watch and begin charging.

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