OxygenOS 11 Will Bring Always Wanted Features

OnePlus OxygenOS 11 or HydrogenO 11

OnePlus technology CEO, founder of one plus mobile phone Pete Lau said in a letter; the new HydrogenOS 11 is coming; this version will have some of the new changes, new features that we have always wanted. At the same time, Pete Lau also teased OxygenOS 11 (global version) on twitter.

Pete Lau (刘作虎) mentioned that from the beginning of the 1st generation to now, the past seven years, a total of 15 models of mobile phones released. In the past few years, one plus put a cumulative more than 200,000 bugs through the collection of reviews and location fixes, with hundreds of stable versions of the update push and countless small-item optimization enhancements to improve.

Hydrogen OS is a ROM that OnePlus announced in 2015. At that time, OnePlus developed a total of two sets of ROMs, for the domestic and overseas markets. The global version uses Oxygen OS (Oxygen OS).

Hydrogen OS is almost Oxygen OS without the Google play services. Since Google is not available in China, OnePlus creates an Android Build for China without Google play services. So, Hydrogen OS is specifically for China. Oxygen OS is an Android Build for the rest of the world with Google play services.

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