MIUI New Negative One Screen Official Now with Biggest Revision

MIUI New Negative One Screen

On July 31, Xiaomi MIUI announced the official release of the MIUI new negative one screen, MIUI development version, and stable version of the full push.

MIUI New Negative One Screen

MIUI said, as the biggest revision and upgrade ever, this time almost completely reconstructed the entire architecture of the negative one screen. A total of 137 days of research and development, internal iterations of more than 50 versions, from the visual design, functional interaction, efficiency improvements, intelligent recommendations, and other aspects of an all-round upgrade.

The new negative screen adopts a generalized visualization design, card layout, Gaussian blur, rounded corners, white and other design languages, more concise and efficient. The icon screen time to join the mountain design language, each mountain on behalf of an application category; at the same time, the depth of access to Xiaomi’s weather warning, located at the top to achieve the weather warning alerts.

By deep access to Xiaomi weather warning, negative one screen at the top to achieve accurate weather warning alerts, draw into the negative one screen to see – eye, easy to get daily weather changes. Not only that, the new version of the negative one screen through intelligent algorithms to predict your use of the scenario, at the right time to cheer you up.

Upgrade method: through the app store. All models with the system base of Android 7.0 and above and system version of MIUI 10 and above are supported.


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