5nm Kirin 1020 SoC Is Larger And More Expensive Than Apple A14

5nm Kirin 1020 SoC

Usually, Huawei’s new Kirin flagship processor will be launched in the fall of each year. It was previously reported that Huawei is expected to release its flagship Mate 40 series with the 5nm Kirin 1020 chip as soon as September.

According to previous reports, the new-generation Kirin chip is expected to be named Kirin 1020, using TSMC’s 5nm process. According to the latest scoop from industry insider, the cost of the new 5nm Kirin chip is between the Apple A14 and Apple ARM CPU, meaning its chip size is between them.

In fact, in the design of HiSilicon’s Kirin chip, the chip size and cost are not the main considerations. HiSilicon has no pressure to make profits. Therefore, the chip size of HiSilicon processors is generally larger than that of MediaTek and Qualcomm for products of the same level.

The Apple A14 and Kirin 1020 processors will be the first flagship chips to use the 5nm process. According to the report, TSMC will make mass deliveries of Kirin 1020 this month.

Besides, Huawei’s Kirin 1020 is expected to use the ARM Cortex-A78 architecture. Blessing of 5nm process, the Kirin 1020 can accommodate 171.3 million transistors per square millimeter, a 50 percent performance increase over the Kirin 990.

5nm Kirin 1020 SoC Is Larger And More Expensive Than Apple A14

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