CFexpress Type A Sony CEA-G Series High-speed Memory Cards

CFexpress Type A memory card Sony CEA-G series

Sony CEA-G Series High-speed Memory Cards

Today Sony released a full-frame mirror-less Alpha 7S3, in addition to bringing a new 4K 120p video, this time also uses a dual card slot design, Sony also launched TOUGH triple defense CFexpress Type A memory card CEA-G series, and the matching card reader, read speed reached 800MB/s, then the common SSD. It’s even faster, but the price isn’t cheap either, with 160GB going for 200 USD.

CFexpress Type A memory card Sony CEA-G series

What is CFexpress?

CFexpress is a standard for removable media cards proposed by the CompactFlash Association (CFA). The standard uses a PCIe 3.0 interface with 1 to 4 lanes where 1 GB/s data can be provided per lane.

The Alpha 7S3 is demanding in terms of photography and video, and it features two CFexpress Type A slots, as well as support for UHS-I and UHS-II SDXC/SDHC memory cards for simultaneous or extended continuous recording, so memory cards can’t be a drag.

The CFexpress Type A memory card from Sony this time has high speed, durability, and reliability TOUGH triple defense specifications and comes in 2 capacities, the CEA-G80T with 80GB and the CEA-G160T with 160GB.

In terms of performance, the CEA-G series memory card has a read speed of 800MB/s and write speed of 700MB/s, which can cope with 4K video recording without any pressure, and also has advanced heat dissipation performance and is dust and waterproof.

In addition to the two CEA-G series memory cards, Sony has also introduced a companion Sony MRW-G2 card reader that supports SD cards and CFexpress Type A memory cards, and USB 3.2 interface at a rate of 10Gbps to provide faster data transfer.

CFexpress Type A card reader Sony MRW-G2

Sony CEA-G Series Specifications And Features

Sony CEA-G Series Price And Availability

CFexpress Type A memory cards and card reader will be available in September 2020.

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