Thin and Light Vivo S7 Official Teaser and Release Date Announced

Vivo S7 Official Teaser and Release Date

Today, Vivo officially announced that the new Vivo S7 phone will be released on August 3. Vivo S7 Official Teaser video also released the same time featuring this ultra-thin Vivo S7 selfie flagship phone after “exploration” in the warm-up video.

Vivo S7 Official Teaser

The official video, Vivo S7 in the color scheme will at least have a purple model, and the frame part can also feel that it is a very thin and light model, plus the previous news we got, this new phone’s biggest selling point is thin and light, 5G and selfie.

Vivo S7 phone slogan for “thin and light selfie flagship”, while claiming that “will soon open a new era of the ultra-clear selfie”. Or hinted that the Vivo S7 has made an achievement in the selfie field, which can achieve “ultra-clear selfies”, and the phone’s hardware and software may be upgraded somewhat, and will reduce the weight as well as the thickness of the body, thus becoming a “thin and light selfie flagship.”

Vivo S7 Official Teaser

Previously Vivo S series another holographic you spokesperson Lisa has also been announced on the overseas platform, and she also brought the S7 this new phone’s rear shell design, the inheritance of the flagship model X50’s three-stage stepped matrix lens unique, as, for the processor platform, there is likely to be between Samsung’s Exynos series and MediaTek Dimensity 800. Vivo S7 will release on August 3 at 7:30 pm.


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