ROG Phone 3 160Hz Refresh Rate Mode is Hidden Inside

ROG Phone 3 160Hz Refresh Rate Mode

The ROG Phone 3 was launched a few days ago and is one of the most powerful and well-equipped Android smartphones out there. With its Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and 144Hz refresh rate, the early feedback on this phone has been quite impressive. Now a developer has discovered that the ROG Phone 3 160Hz feature is also hidden inside.

ROG Phone 3 160Hz Refresh Rate Mode

The device features a 6.59-inch screen with a 144Hz refresh rate, but XDA has found a hidden feature in the device’s settings that unlocks it to 160Hz refresh rate mode.

The feature was found by XDA Developers editor Mishaal Rahman, who also found a way to activate it. According to the related post, he found references to the high refresh rate mode in the settings app while trying to understand how the phone switches between refresh rates.

XDA developers revealed that users need to unlock the 160Hz option by connecting ADB and then typing the following command from a command prompt: adb shell setprop debug.vendor.asus.fps.eng 1.

ROG Phone 3 160Hz Refresh Rate Mode

Of course, enabling a higher refresh rate will increase the phone’s power consumption, and the smoothness of the improvement from 144Hz to 160Hz is not great, so you need to consider carefully whether to enable it.


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