Knowing Red Magic 5S GPU Boost and exploring Look of Ice Wind Silver Wing color Rendering

Understanding Nubia Red Magic 5S GPU Boost and exploring the appearance of Ice Wind Silver Wing color

Nubia co-founder and president of Nubia Ni Fei warming up constantly for the Red Magic 5S. Today, Ni Fei explained: Red Magic 5S GPU Boost, and revealed in advance Red Magic 5S appearance of new color so-called as Ice Wind Silver Wing.

Red Magic 5S GPU Boost

Many readers may be curious about what does the GPU BOOST of the Red Magic 5S game phone mean? Here is a brief introduction to everyone.

GPU BOOST technology refers to the Red Magic 5S with the ice wind cooling box, based on in-depth software optimization and adjustment, more stable and mature Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile processing platform, and the powerful heat dissipation design of the mobile phone itself.

Coupled with the combination of the external ice-wind cooling magic box, it greatly improves the efficiency and performance of the game while running, allowing the processor to still output stably and fully at critical times. For example, mainstream games such as Peace Elite and King of Glory can easily increase the graphics processing capacity by 5-10% in extreme situations.

Let’s talk about the data and share the test results of an international authoritative performance evaluation platform-GFX BENCH, let’s compare it directly.

Red Magic 5S vs Red Magic 5G GFX Bench Comparison

Regarding GPU over-clocking, General Manager of Lenovo China Mobile Business Department shared his thoughts as below.

In other words, the two days of running scores are very lively, most likely to be achieved by forced overclocking of the GPU under laboratory conditions. The advantage is that the test scores are good-looking, but the disadvantage is that besides being easy to crash, it will also cause serious heat generation, and the performance of SoC produced by different batches will be inconsistent, and some may not exceed the limit.

The crash problem cannot be optimized by tuning. This point is also recognized by some slightly geeky users. Every one of the Legion gaming phone pro, from Lenovo official test to media teacher test, including everyone that our users can buy in the future, can provide everyone with the same running score ability and the same stability! It is our original intention and mission to provide a better user experience in real user scenarios!

– General Manager of Lenovo China Mobile Business Department.

Ni Fei today also released poster a Red Magic 5S Ice Wind Silver Wing color in advance, let’s take a look yourself.

Red Magic 5S Ice Wind Silver Wing color
Red Magic 5S Ice Wind Silver Wing color

In terms of specifications, the Red Magic 5S is equipped with LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory, while having Nubia’s exclusive innovation and development of fast read and write optimization technology patented Magic Write, read and write speed compared to the Red Magic 5G is a step up.

It is worth noting that the conference will launch the Red Magic Wi-Fi 6 game router, which supports smart game acceleration with Red Magic mobile phones, using high-performance CPU, OFDMA technology allows multiple devices to enjoy Wi-Fi 6 speed, Mesh networking so that the signal coverage is broader and stronger through the wall. The device will be released on July 28.

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