Use Red Magic 5S as Virtual Controller for Gaming with 6 Styles

Red Magic 5S as Virtual Controller

Red Magic 5S as Virtual Controller

Nubia Red Magic 5G, released as early as March of this year, is already equipped with a wireless projection function with almost zero latency, so you can easily have a large-screen visual experience like a console game.

Red Magic 5S as Virtual Controller

This time, Red Magic 5S brings a brand new virtual controller function based on ultra-low latency projection. When the mobile phone is wirelessly projected to the TV, the virtual controller function is directly expanded, and the line of sight can be completely separated from the mobile phone screen.

Experience the visual feast brought by big-screen games. Nubia has designed 6 handle styles, which can be matched with different game types. You can also customize the size of the handle area according to your palm size and operating habits.

At the same time, the Red Magic 5S comes with a game shoulder button and a large-screen virtual mapping game button, up to 10 virtual key positions, you can easily experience various large-screen games without purchasing additional controller peripherals.

Besides, the Red Magic 5S also has an ice wind-heat dissipation box, which covers and connects to ICE Ag, and uses semiconductors to cool it down.

The official warm-up before, the Red Magic 5S gaming phone comes standard with LPDDR5 memory + UFS 3.1 flash memory. Red Magic 5S game phone and smart ecological new product launch conference will be held on July 28, and its new machine Red Magic 5S will be officially unveiled at that time.


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