Red Magic Neckband Gaming Bluetooth headphone Coming

Red Magic Deuterium Neckband Gaming Bluetooth headphone

Red Magic Neckband Gaming Bluetooth headphone

Besides, Red Magic 5S, A set of dual super linear speakers has loud volume, magnificent, three-dimensional, and full volume. The anti-distortion algorithm of the speakers is adjusted separately to make the external sound quality more fidelity and effectively reduce the impact of noise.

Retain the “advanced” 3.5mm headphone jack and carry out a series of algorithm adjustments, which greatly improves the multi-channel content experience when using headphones.

On July 28th, the Red Magic 5S gaming phone and smart ecological new product launch conference will also have a cool appearance design. With the Red Magic 5S, a new deuterium-necked gaming Bluetooth headset with almost no inductive delay can be achieved, allowing everyone to release the wired restraint, freedom to enjoy the ultimate game acoustics.

Red Magic Neckband Gaming Bluetooth headphone


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