108 Megapixel or Large Bottom-Pixel which User Needed – Huawei CEO Explains

108 Megapixel or Large Bottom-Pixel which User Needed – Huawei CEO Explains

In recent years, the rapid development of mobile phone photography, the quality of imaging has improved dramatically, while the zoom and night scenes have all progressed to varying degrees.

Although Samsung, Xiaomi, etc. are up to 100 megapixels camera, from the DxOmark list of results, these phones in the image are still small Huawei, which insists on a large bottom, large single-pixel size CMOS program.

At present, there are roughly two directions of the development of mobile phone cameras, one is high pixels, that is, 100 million pixels represented by Samsung and Xiaomi, and the second is Huawei’s insistence on a large bottom, large single-pixel size CMOS solution.

In this regard, Huawei consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong this afternoon (July 23) in microblogging voice, he said, “recently conducted a product analysis of mobile phone camera solutions, and found that 100 million pixels of actual photo effect is not as big as the big bottom and big pixels of sensor, even if 100 million pixels through multiple small pixels synthesized large pixels, the effect is still a big and gap.”

Yu Chengdong said, “the effect of photography is not simply related to the number of pixels, this is a systematic project, including the number of pixels, pixel size, processor components, software algorithms and chip capabilities together as a result of synergy, which requires a lot of investment and continuous technical accumulation.”

Finally, Yu Chengdong also “rehash old scores” to take the example of 2K screen microblogging many years ago, said that back then had been ridiculed by everyone, and then the facts proved that I was right! Insisting on building products that consumers experience well, rather than products that sound like they have high parameters, is the direction we should always be heading!

As for the 2K screen before the microblogging, corresponding to Yu Chengdong in 2014 and 2015 released the views, he said that 6-inch screen below the naked eye can not distinguish between 2K and FHD, and the former will be vain power consumption affects the phone endurance, that this is not really user experience-oriented, friendly Meizu MX4 Pro, Samsung Note4, Xiaomi Note and so on experience is very poor, battery life It’s bad.

In the future development of the industry, the more the top flagship, the more we must adhere to the coordination of software and hardware. Super large bottom, super Pixel, super light sensitivity, Honor 30 series flagship high-end products, we will continue to cultivate in the direction of system collaboration!

Comments by – Zhao Ming-George, President of Huawei Honor Business Department

Update: In response to Huawei consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong, Wang Teng Thomas, Redmi Product Director of Xiaomi shared his views as below.

The sales of the Mi 10 series are really good. The e-commerce platform’s 5G single product sales rank first, surpassing the P40 series. Many users finally chose Mi 10 between the P40 and Mi 10. The tension of friends is understandable.

The biggest advantage of 100 megapixels is high resolution. Users use more outdoor scenes, and 100 million pixels can record more details. This is the advantage that friends have always ignored and the reason why millions of users choose.

Really attach importance to user experience, it is better to provide users with a better screen while enhancing the camera. After all, 4000+ products still use Delta-arranged screens. It is really unreasonable…

– Wang Teng Thomas, Redmi Product Director of Xiaomi

I think Thomas speaks more appropriately. One hundred million pixels has disadvantages but also has its own advantages. It has the advantage of high resolution and the advantage of convenient cutting, but there is also the problem of insufficient light in the limit. Thomas also said in his reply that he never thought that “large pixel area” was wrong. The high number of pixels and the large pixel area have their own advantages. Choose according to the target needs.

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