Tencent Black Shark 3S Hinted by CEO

Tencent Black Shark 3S

Tencent Black Shark 3S

Today, Black Shark CEO Luo Yuzhou previewed the new phone “Tencent Black Shark 3S”, which is, unsurprisingly, another gaming phone with Snapdragon 865 Plus. No further details of the new phone have been given by Black Shark yet.

Black Shark CEO today updated about post saying, I” feel a lot of big things have happened recently” at same time Weibo tail revealed that post is published through Black Shark 3S upcoming phone.

Black Shark 3 Pro and Black Shark 3 went on sale in March this year. In terms of specs, the Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3 Pro features a Snapdragon 865 mobile + UFS3.0 flash + LPDDR5 memory combo, a 7.1-inch 3120×1440 resolution 10bit screen with support for 1.07 billion colors, and a 270Hz touch sampling rate with a 90Hz refresh rate.

Also, the Black Shark 3 Pro is equipped with mechanical gaming buttons that can be raised and lowered to provide realistic press feedback, automatically recognize game scenarios and intelligently raise and lower, and support automatic retrieval when dropped.

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