Must have Android Go Version if RAM Below New Limit

Phone Running Android Go Version

Must have Android Go Version if RAM below

The current Android phone memory has already exceeded double digits, high-end flagship up to 16GB of memory, like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Nubia Red Magic 5G, and so on.

Phone Running Android Go Version (image credit: Android)

But in the vast entry-level market, 1GB and other small-memory phones are still prevalent, and Google has created Android Go for these devices.

Android Go Version is Google’s system for small-memory devices, which simplifies current Android to run smoothly on phones with 1GB of RAM or less. According to the XDA developer’s report, Google has adjusted the requirements for using the Android Go system.

A leaked document reveals that starting in Q4 2020, Android 10 devices with 2GB of RAM or even less will have to come with Android Go Version preinstalled. Not only that, but starting with Android 11, Android devices with 512MB of RAM will no longer support Google services.

In more simple words, later this year in 4th quarter 2020, any new phone running Android on 2GB or less RAM, must use Android go version instead o full version.

XDA notes that Google’s move is to make Android Go run more smoothly on devices with 2GB or 1GB of RAM to ensure the most basic Android experience.

XDA developer’s finding in internal document
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