Red Magic 5S Release Date Officially Announced

Red Magic 5S Release Date

Nubia’s Red Magic 5S Release Date

This morning, the official Weibo of the Red Magic Gaming Phone announced Red Magic 5S release date and said along with Red Magic 5S, the smart ecological new product launch conference will be held on July 28. The event slogan is “Ice Wind Silver Wing, faster than faster”.

Red Magic 5S Release Date

Like the previous generations of models, the Red Magic 5S focuses on heat dissipation characteristics. This time the heat dissipation is upgraded again, using the world’s highest thermal conductivity metal process-silver for the first time.

Nubia officials previously stated on social media that the Red Magic 5S mobile phone will use a 144Hz refresh rate + 240Hz touch sampling rate super competitive screen, support 320Hz dual game shoulder button touch sampling rate.

Also, the Red Magic 5S also has an ice wind-heat dissipation box, which covers and connects to ICE Ag, and uses semiconductor cooling to quickly cool down the heat.

The official warm-up before, the Red Magic 5S gaming phone comes standard with LPDDR5 memory + UFS 3.1 flash memory, it is expected to be equipped with Snapdragon 865, known as surpassing Plus.

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