Here is OnePlus Buds Renderings Of 3 Bold Colors

OnePlus Buds

OnePlus Buds Renderings

OnePlus Buds will be released on July 21, but there has been no relevant picture content about the headset before. OnePlus’s first TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset has been revealed today in a new news story.

OnePlus Buds carrying case Renderings

The media outlet 9to5Google has today revealed early images of this true wireless headset from One Plus called OnePlus Buds. The image photos show that it will be available in at least three colors: black, white, and blue, with the blue color being a color scheme that hasn’t been seen on the headset yet.

OnePlus Buds Renderings

In addition to the design and color scheme, the OnePlus Nord also features support for Find My Device, provides user preferences, supports equalizer adjustment and Dolby Panorama support, among other options in terms of music adjustment, all of which are found in software called OnePlus Pods, where they will be adjusted, including the operational aspects as well.

The OnePlus Pods also include a few tutorials on how to use the headset, showing how to touch the controls and how to pair it quickly.

Some details of OnePlus Buds, including providing 30 hours of battery life, using an oval-shaped charging box design, semi-in-ear design, a single ear weighs 4.6 grams are officially announced.

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