Red Magic 5S Bring Dual 320Hz Gaming Shoulder Keys, 144hz and 240Hz Sampling

Nubia Red Magic 5S Equipped with Dual 320Hz Gaming Shoulder Keys

Nubia’s new generation of gaming phone Red Magic 5S continued to break the news. The new machine has a dual 320Hz gaming shoulder keys touch sampling rate + 144Hz refresh rate + 240Hz touch sampling rate super competitive screen, and smooth control once again breaks the limit.

Nubia Red Magic 5S – Dual 320Hz Gaming Shoulder Keys

Ni Fei, President of Nubia Technology said, “The Red Magic 5S dual game shoulder key is a secret weapon that allows chicken and white to easily leapfrog into a multi-finger control expert. It adopts the current industry-leading dual IC touch chip solution. The control sampling rate is refreshed again-320Hz, with the 144Hz refresh rate + 240Hz touch sampling rate super competitive screen, the movement is silky smooth, the fire response is extremely fast, and the extreme operation 1V4 is not a problem!

Dual 320Hz Gaming Shoulder Keys

The Nubia official has not announced the specific release time of the Red Magic 5S gaming phone, nor has it announced the processor information of this phone. Judging from its positioning and recent breaking news, there is a high probability that it will carry the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus mobile platform.

It is also worth mentioning that the Red Magic 5S has upgraded the heat dissipation technology to a whole new level. For the first time, it uses the world’s highest thermal conductivity metal process-silver (ICE Ag) and combines it with a 4843mm² super large heat dissipation copper foil to conduct heat outward.

It also combines a series of heat dissipation combinations such as a built-in high-efficiency centrifugal fan with 15,000 rpm, a north-south transparent air duct, a high-performance thermal conductive gel, and a large liquid cooling tube.

Besides, Nubia has also prepared a game ecological peripheral equipment-ice wind cooling magic box while supporting 3.5mm headphone jack + 30W PD fast charge, when playing games on the horizontal screen, connect wired headphones while playing it won’t hinder you.


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