5nm Apple A14 Processor Live Photo Exposed Online

Apple A14 SoC live photo

Apple A14 processor live photo

In less than two months, Apple will be holding this year’s biggest event, which will feature a slew of new iPhone Product Debut. Today Apple A14 Processor live photo appeared online.

There’s a lot of buzz about the iPhone 12 series, including features such as still a banging screen, 20W fast charging, and 6GB of RAM. The most eye-catching is the machine with the latest A14 processor.

Apple A14 processor live photo

Now, twitter blogger laobaiTD (Mr.white) exposed spy photos of a suspected Apple A14 processor live photo, it is not clear whether it is sampled from inside the factory.

According to current info, the A14 processor uses TSMC’s 5nm process offers better performance and lower power consumption than the 7nm process. Thanks to the advanced process, the A14 may have 12.5 billion transistors built into it, more than the number of transistors built into desktop and server-level CPUs.

It’s also been noted that the A14 will use a new inFO antenna packaging technology to reduce energy losses between the chip and the antenna. And it effectively reduces thermal resistance.

Support for 5G networks is on the cards, but Apple doesn’t currently have its communication chip, while Intel has given up on 5G baseband research. The industry analysts say that the A14 is likely to have a Qualcomm X60 baseband built into it, so there’s no doubt about its performance, and it will be the most powerful mobile phone SoC.

It is reported that TSMC this year is expected to prepare 80 million A14 chips for the iPhone 12 series, will be in August mass shipping.

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