Red Magic 5S’s Ice Wind Cooling Magic Box Bring More Comfort and Features

Red Magic 5S Ice Wind Cooling Magic Box

This afternoon, Ni Fei, president of Nubia Technologies, continued to microblog about the upcoming release of Red Magic 5S preheat, in addition to the “silver” thermal material to add, the official also prepared a game ecological peripheral equipment – Ice Wind cooling Magic Box.

Red Magic 5S Ice Wind cooling Magic Box

According to Ni Fei, This time, Red Magic also prepared a game ecological peripheral equipment that makes the Red Magic 5S an even more powerful Ice Wind Cooling Magic Box. It also supports 3.5mm headphone jack + 30W PD fast charging. When playing games on a horizontal screen, connect wired headphones and play. The side charge will not hinder your hand, will not get hot, and will perform better.

Red Magic 5S’s silver metal technology (ICE) Ag is combined with a series of heat-conducting components stacked on the inside of the fuselage to become another window for the internal heat of the fuselage to be transmitted outwards in addition to the built-in 15,000 rpm high-performance fan + north-south air duct. The Ice wind cooling magic box covers and connects to ICE Ag, through semiconductor refrigeration, rapid heat dissipation, and cooling, which becomes the guarantee for the continuous and strong performance of Red Magic 5S.

The Red Magic 5S gaming phone coupled with an ice wind cooling box is the best choice for e-sports players and anchors.

Source: Weibo

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