Lenovo Legion Pro Can Charge 5000mAh in 30 Minutes with Twin Turbo: Could be Gimmick?

Lenovo Legion Pro charging speed

Lenovo warmed up for the Legion Gaming Phone Pro again prompting Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Pro charging speed. Officially it supports 90W Super Flash Charge, it comes with Twin Turbo power systems that enable both a fast flash charge and a big battery.

Officially, the Legion Gaming Phone Pro has a 5000mAh battery that can be fully charged in just 30 minutes, which is the fastest technology for charging a battery of the same capacity, using a hybrid power flash-charge architecture with 16 layers of stable and reliable security.

Lenovo Legion Pro charging speed

But the official doesn’t revealed how twin turbo technology works. Further official said that “When going out, you must have a skill! Rescuer Gaming Mobile Pro, conquer the big brother with 90W double charge!” Statementof “90W Double Charge” brings doubts again that lenovo Legion Pro will use 45W + 45W =90W fast charging via dual charging port. Previously Lenovo model L79031 certified on 3C with only 45W charging speed. Let’s hope lenovo don’t do this.

Not only that, but the Legion Pro also has what is claimed to be the industry’s toughest stacked audio system, including a massive 1.4CC x 2 Sound cavity, 0.65×2 extra large-amplitude, 7 magnetic circuit system, positive sound x 2, all-metal material and so on.

Recently, officials have further posted the actual hands-on video of the Lenovo Legion Pro, and its appearance details are more at a glance. The design of the new Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Pro is very unique. There is no opening on the front. The common top pop-up front camera is placed in the lateral position of the back of the fuselage is horizontally popped out, which is very recognizable.

Lenovo Legion Pro Hands-On

It is worth noting that the front camera so arranged also supports video chat while playing games. Besides, to better hold the game for a long time, the position of the rear dual camera module of the machine has also been adjusted down simultaneously.

At the core, the Legion Pro features a 144Hz full screen, the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 plus flagship platform which comes with a dual X-axis linear motor. The machine will be officially launched on July 22nd and is worth waiting for.

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