Android 11 Camera Cannot be set to Beauty Mode by Default

Android 11 Camera Beauty Mode

With the rise of computational photography, photos taken by smartphone cameras are increasingly out of reality. Whether it’s due to creative color balance, synthesizing multiple high-definition photos, using AI to shape details and clarity, or the more common camera “beauty” enhancement, these usually look better than real photos.

Foreign media XDA-Developers Mishaal Rahman broke the news that, according to a leaked document, Google seems to plan to oppose this popular but harmful feature.

Google’s Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) for Android 11 recently leaked, and one of the proposed changes is to prohibit OEMs from using facial adjustment algorithms by default in camera applications.

It is worth noting that this does not mean that the Android 11 camera application cannot have the “beauty” mode , but the camera application cannot use the “beauty” mode as the default mode. The default value of the camera application should be native Camera version.

[C-0-12] For any android.hardware.camera2.CameraDevice or android.hardware.Camera API, it must be ensured that the facial appearance is not changed, including but not limited to changing facial geometry, facial skin tone or facial skin smoothness.

Given that most users are unlikely to make any changes to the camera’s default settings, and even Apple itself has begun adding default facial retouching to its photo app, this recommendation may not be popular for OEMs and end users.

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