Ni Fei Explains Red Magic 5S Cooling System in Detail

Red Magic 5S Cooling System, Red Magic 5S Cooling technology

Red Magic 5S Cooling System

The Red Magic 5S gaming phone will be unveiled shortly. Although the release time has not yet been officially announced, the official warm-up has begun. Today Ni Fei shared the Red Magic 5S cooling system in detail.

Red Magic 5S cooling system will be upgraded with a new heat dissipation system, using the world’s highest thermal conductivity metal technology, silver, for the first time.

Red Magic 5S Cooling System

The cooling system is always been Red Magic’s forte, and Red Magic 5S upgrades the cooling technology to a whole new level. For the first time, silver (ICE Ag), the metal process with the highest thermal conductivity in the world today, is used in conjunction with the 4843mm² super large copper foil for heat dissipation, high-efficiency heat conduction to the outside, combined with a built-in 15,000 rpm high-performance centrifugal fan, north, and south.

A series of powerful and stable heat dissipation combinations, such as air ducts of a transparent design, high-performance thermal gel, and large liquid cooling tube, improve the overall heat dissipation efficiency. Silver has a higher thermal conductivity than copper, but the disadvantage is that its price is too high.

The official warm-up before, the Red Magic 5S gaming phone comes standard with LPDDR5 memory + UFS 3.1 flash memory and is expected to be equipped with Snapdragon 865 Plus.

As for the screen, referring to the previous generation 144Hz AMOLED screen, it is expected that this time it will be retained or upgraded. And the design of the phone is retained from Red Magic 5G as we can see in the above promotional material camera set-up and location is exactly the same as Red Magic 5G.

Source : Weibo

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