New Patent Apple Pencil May Detect Color Shades of Physical Object

Image Credit: AppleInsider

Apple Pencil New Patent for Color Detection of Objects

For the current electronic item stylus, even though the Android perspective isn’t low as far as boundaries, however, the Apple Pencil that can hold down the Apple Pencil despite everything didn’t show up.

Image Credit: AppleInsider

As indicated by an ongoing patent application documented by Apple, Apple is intending to incorporate another capacity for the future Apple Pencil pointer, with the goal that it can recognize and test the shade of genuine items through an extraordinary arrangement of light sensors.

New Patent for Apple Pencil

The particular portrayal of this patent is: the shading sensor is furnished with different photodetectors that can quantify the comparing shading channels, and has at least one light-emanating gadgets. The control circuit permits it to enlighten outside items and afterward identify the shade of the outer articles dependent on the reflected light.

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At the end of the day, the future Apple Pencil can see and perceive the shading on the article by contacting the item, so the relating information can be sent back to the iPad. This can be supposed to be one thing for architects and workmanship industry laborers.


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