Legion Gaming Phone Pro Audio System; The most Powerful Audio System in the Industry

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Pro Audio System

Today again Lenovo previewed the Legion Gaming Phone Pro. Officially, the Lenovo introduced that the Legion Gaming Phone Pro may be the most ruthless audio system in the industry.

Legion Gaming Phone Pro Audio System

Legion Gaming Phone Pro audio system is probably the most stacked audio system in the industry, and it features five luxury top features, including 1.4CC x 2 extra-large sound chamber, 0.65 x 2 extra-large amplitude, 7 magnetic circuit system, positive sound x 2, all-metal material and so on.

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Pro Audio System Demonstration

This is the highest specification we’ve ever done and should be the highest specification in the industry, said Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo’s China mobile phone business unit.

Audio configuration, In short, a certain Mi 10 Pro top plan + a certain Black Shark 3 Pro positive outgoing sound + a more symmetrical configuration and tuning.

For audio systems, the design and choice of hardware determine speaker quality, frequency response curve, better signal-to-noise ratio, the ability and quality of the amp, the size and orientation of the sound cavity; This determines the entire system quality. The software is mainly to optimize the sound field, balance, personal subjective style, etc..

Not only that, but the Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Pro also has a 144Hz full screen, the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus The flagship platform supports 90W fast charging.

Besides, the Legion Gaming Phone Pro is equipped with a dual X-axis linear motor. Chen Jin said that the dual X-axis linear motor may become the standard for gaming phones in the future, and you will never go back if you use it. The device will be officially released on July 22 and is worth looking forward to.

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