Gmail To Integrate Video Calling, Chat and Docs to Beat Slack and Zoom

Gmail To Integrate Video Calling, Chat And Docs

According to media reports, Google is integrating more features into the Gmail Enterprise Edition, so that users do not have to leave Gmail when using these features, thereby preventing corporate employees from switching to other services such as Slack and Zoom.

Gmail To Integrate Video Calling, Chat And Docs

This is an important consideration for Google to develop its cloud business, which is a powerful supplement to Google’s advertising business. In the first quarter, the new coronavirus epidemic affected Google’s advertising revenue, but as schools and offices closed, people began to rely more on digital services to communicate. Therefore, services such as Google Meet are also more accepted.

At present, enterprise customers can directly access Meet in Gmail, in addition to the team collaboration tools Google Docs and Chats. Google did the same in 2018 when the simplified Google Calendar and to-do app Google Keep were integrated into Gmail.

In this enhanced version of Gmail, if people are chatting and want to collaborate on a document, then Google Docs can be used for real-time collaboration. On Tuesday, Javier Soltero, Google’s vice president and former employee of Microsoft, said in an interview that Gmail will not be a “low-fidelity universe or parallel universe” similar to Microsoft’s products. Microsoft’s network The version of the office application has fewer functions than the local version.

Although Gmail is very popular and has 1.5 billion users, Microsoft Office is still more popular than Google Office Suite G Suite. G Suite currently has 6 million corporate customers, and Soltero hopes to reverse this situation. He said that the company will strive to sort out the product portfolio for individual users and corporate customers.

Gmail To Integrate Video Calling, Chat And Docs

He also said that Google has accelerated its work in chat and video calls, and Google needs to make great progress in these two areas.

Google Chats tool is an alternative to Slack. Currently, users can receive shared tasks in Gmail. Besides, people who host video conferences through Google Meet will be able to decide which participants can share their screens. Google Meet is a competitor to Zoom. When the host denies someone to join the video conference in Meet, this user will not be able to access the conference unless a new invitation is reissued.

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A Google spokesperson said that G Suite customers can choose whether to use these new applications, and Google employees will also consider how to push these new applications to individual users.

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