Lenovo Legion gaming phone Pre-booking Goes Live Spotting Key Specs

Legion gaming phone Pre-booking

Lenovo Legion gaming phone Pre-booking

Lenovo Legion gaming phone Pre-booking page now live on JD mall and official Lenovo website, new phone features next-generation mid-frame architecture. Two-way liquid cooling, dual battery power, releasing on July 22 at 19:30.

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Teaser

The phone will be released on the evening of the 22nd of this month, and it will feature Qualcomm’s new flagship platform Snapdragon 865 Plus but other than that, the phone’s features have been almost completely advertised by the official.

The phone will debut 90W rapid flash charging technology, originally this should be the fastest mobile phone, but OPPO and iQOO will bring 125W and 120W fast-charging technology before its release, so 90W now looks so-so; in addition to dual liquid cooling, dual X-axis linear motor will be equipped.

Lenovo Legion gaming phone features a side pop-up camera design and supports dual 45W fast charging. As well as a bilinear motor, etc. The phone screen resolution is FHD+ (2340×1080), and the touch sampling rate is 270Hz. with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of onboard storage.

However, according to the official propaganda, these configurations will only appear on the Legion gaming phone Pro, which means that the standard version of the possible configuration is not so high, but a previous statement is that Lenovo will not have a standard version this time, but only the legion Pro this model, but since there is no standard version, and how to come to the Pro version? In our previous report, Legion gaming phone UI experience video revealed the specifications that considered for the standard version.

The phone was prepped at the beginning of the year and survived the peak of the Snapdragon 865 and came straight to the Snapdragon 865 Plus, which is the longest prepped phone in history.

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