Samsung’s 6G Vision; Could Reach Tbps Speed

Samsung's 6G Vision white paper

Samsung's 6G Vision

Samsung’s 6G Vision

Samsung Electronics released a white paper on the “Next Generation Hyperconnected Experience” on the 14th of April to explain Samsung’s 6G vision.

Samsung’s 6G Vision

According to the white paper, the sixth-generation mobile communication technology will achieve T-class (tera bps-class) data transfer rates, wireless network latency as small as microseconds. The industry predicts that standardization of 6G technology will start in 2025, with commercial launch in 2028 and formal service in 2030. It is also expected that 6G will be 50 times faster than 5G, with latency reduced to one-tenth that of 5G.

A comparison of key performance requirements between 6G and 5G is shown in the diagram

The white paper also predicts Truly Immersive eXtended Reality (TIR), High-Fidelity Mobile (Hologram), Digital Replica, and other services will all be available on 6G networks’ time to ask.

When the 6G era opens, cars, robots, drones, home appliances, displays, and many other mechanical instruments will be connected to the Internet.

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Samsung added that it took 15 years to define 3G and only 8 years for 5G, and from 2G to 5G, each generation defined and developed, the time taken for technology standards are all getting shorter.

Samsung’s 6G white paper (PDF), Source

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