Realme’s Ultra Dart Fast Charging Unveiling on July 16th

Realme's Ultra Dart Fast Charging

Realme’s Ultra Dart Fast Charging

This morning, the realme official announced that realme “5G Super Flash Charge” It will be officially unveiled on July 16.

The realme “5G Super Flash” poster slogan is “more than just fast”, and the accompanying text says “3 Flashback __% per minute, opening up a new era of 5G super flash charging”.

Realme’s Ultra Dart Fast Charging

A few days ago, domestic manufacturers have officially announced its latest 100-watt charging technology, mass production is just around the corner.

Realme microblogging announced that it will bring new charging technology on July 16, but the specific power has not yet been announced, according to the caliber of executives, is expected to be more than 100W, and another expert confirms that realme will introduce 125W fast charging similar to OPPO.

Realme’s 65W fast charging technology is known as SuperDart, according to the previous report, realme high power fast charging technology named Ultra Dart, the engineering program is said to be the highest nominal 120W, 4000mAh battery, 3 minutes to charge to more than 30% of the power.


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