TSMC Achieve Major Breakthrough in 2nm Process

TSMC 2nm Process

After the launch of 7nm research and development, the sprint advanced process competition is mainly carried out by TSMC, Intel, Samsung. The latest news is that TSMC’s 2nm Process R&D has made a breakthrough recently, and has successfully found a path that will lead it to surround gate technology (gate-all-around, or GAA) technology.

TSMC 2nm Process

It is reported that TSMC’s senior vice president for research and development, Wei-Jen Luo, also held a celebration dinner to thank the R&D engineers for their dedication.

Previously, the news said that TSMC expects to trial production of 3nm process in the first half of next year in the South Branch 18 factory P4, mass production in 2022. Based on the time projection, TSMC will launch the 2nm process as soon as 2023.

On the friendly side, Samsung has recently reworked its chip process roadmap, with Samsung’s 4nm, originally scheduled for mass production in 2021, being skipped and will be made by 5nm goes straight up to 3nm GAAFET for future market competition.

Samsung has previously revealed that 3nm GAAFETs can reduce energy consumption by 50% compared to 7nm FinFET and a 30% increase in performance.

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