iQOO 120W Ultra-flash Charging Introduced And Next Month New Phone will be Equipped with it

iQOO 120W ultra-flash charging

iQOO officially released the 120W ultra-fast flash charging technology at today’s technical communication meeting, on-site demonstration of the charging speed of the real machine, and announced that it will mass-produce the model. IQOO’s 120W flash charging model may be officially unveiled in August.

iQOO 120W ultra-flash charging Introduction

Officials claim that the iQOO 120W ultra-flash charging model will be the first to produce and mass-produce the latest 6C cell and array-type structure design of the quick-charge method, which can charge 50% of the power in 5 minutes (4000mAh capacity), and fill the whole in 15 minutes battery. According to a digital blogger, the machine can charge 80% in 10 minutes.

iQOO 120W ultra-flash charging

The C (rated capacity rate) represents the charge and discharge rate, that is, the machine supports charge and discharge at 6 times the current of the battery (2000 mAh), and the current mass production solution in the industry supports only 3C. The pole ear is a component of the soft-pack lithium-ion battery product, which is a metal conductor responsible for leading the positive and negative electrodes out of the battery cell.

iQOO 120W Fast Charging Demonstration

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Considering the reasons of heat generation and stability, IQOO converts 20V×6A to 10V×12A through custom batteries (MPW array pole structure) and charging chips to achieve 120W charging power, with a conversion rate of 98.5%; the charger also supports intelligent temperature control reduces heat generation; on mobile phones, IQOO has increased graphite heat dissipation film, improved superconducting VC liquid cooling heat dissipation system, high thermal conductivity gel and other heat dissipation methods to ensure that 120W fast charging reduces heat and improves stability.

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