Xiaomi New Patent For Dual Screen Waterfall Display with Biggest Single Rear Camera

Xiaomi New Patent For Dual Screen

Xiaomi New Patent For Dual Screen

How should the form of mobile phones evolve in the future? It is still unknown. For now, all that needs to be done is the off-screen camera.

Recently, it is suspected that the new patent of the Xiaomi mobile phone has been exposed, showing the shape design of the phone, which can be said to be a brand new mobile phone form.

This special Xiaomi mobile phone appearance patent was approved by CNIPA, which showed a Xiaomi device with a large curvature waterfall screen + front and rear dual screens.

As shown in the figure, the mobile phone equipped with this design does not use a special-shaped screen shape, but a complete screen with a large curvature, similar to the current waterfall screen, and there is no lifting front camera opening on the top, so it is supposed to be under the screen Lens design.

Eye-catching back of the fuselage, a huge single camera above, decorated with a ring around, and also a screen below, but it should be noted that it is not connected to the front screen, but independent of the back.

The upper part of the back of the phone is occupied by the camera module area, and the bottom is Type-C interface and dual speakers and the sides of the waterfall screen of the device are infinitely close to the bottom of the frame. At the same time, the four sides of the phone and the chin are extremely narrow. The overall design is similar to the MIX Alpha.

Unlike Xiaomi’s previous surround screen, this design seems more promising for mass production. Patent design is not confirmed to launch, most patent designs are more laboratory status or creative protection, rarely mass production.


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