Vivo X50 Pro Plus Tasting Tomorrow: New Teaser, Camera Sample And HQ Promotional Material

Vivo X50 Pro Plus

Vivo X50 Pro Plus

Vivo X50 Pro Plus

July 8 at 7:00 pm, Vivo X50 Pro Plus new product online tasting will be held officially, and more details of the Vivo X50 Pro Plus will be revealed.

Vivo X50 Pro Plus New Teaser Focused On camera

Vivo Weibo released a 15-second video saying, “The world is wide, there are seasons, life is wide. Is your life limited to 1/2, or will you join us and take the remaining steps before you get old? Vivo X50 Pro Plus new product online tasting, using images to let you explore the other 1/2 of life, see you tomorrow!”.

Vivo X50 Pro Plus High-Quality Promotional Material

Vivo X50 Pro Plus is a flagship phone for video, supporting Super HD 100 million Pixel mode and super-sensitive outsole features. Ultra-clear pixel mode maintains a high degree of image post-processing tolerance for print and printout needs, while the super-sensitive outsole enhances the Vivo X50 Pro + can shoot in low light conditions with much better detail and depth.

Vivo X50 Pro Plus Camera Sample

The Vivo X50 Pro Plus previously challenged shooting in ultra-low light and successfully converted the “Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” into the 900-megapixel digital version leaps off the page with more impressive detail than a paper scroll.

The Vivo X50 Pro Plus is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 for faster processing, lower power consumption, and longer battery life.

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