Huawei Mate V Could be New Foldable Like Galaxy Z Flip

Huawei Mate V Patent

Huawei Mate V Patent

Huawei Mate V

After Huawei’s last-generation folding-screen phone, the Mate X, sold out, everyone is looking forward to the second-generation Mate X design and look at how things will change, but according to the latest news, this generation’s folding screen may no longer bear the Mate X moniker. Instead, it was changed to Huawei Mate V.

Huawei Mate V Patent

Huawei reportedly filed a trademark application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office on July 3 for the Mate V, which was previously the Mate series has never had a naming convention before, so the Mate V might just be Huawei’s next folding-screen product.

But the X name is a bit more futuristic and hackneyed, and the V could be just another folding screen product in the line and according to naming this device could be similar to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Branching out, to create a product line gap with the Mate X, and also to diversify the folding screen phone category even more, so that’s why the It’s entirely possible. Exactly what the Mate V is from Huawei may also have to wait until Huawei’s September launch to find out.


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