Xiaomi 120W Charger Headed To Mass Production

Xiaomi 120W Charger

Xiaomi 120W Charger

Xiaomi’s 100W fast-charging seems to be real-time for mass production, and the relevant fast-charging head is already in the net. On July 3, 3C Quality Certification Center, a new Xiaomi 120W Charger model MDY-12-ED, by HANGAR OEM which is the same model that we have unveiled earlier through hands-on video.

Xiaomi 120W Charger Hands-on Video; MDY-12-ED

In terms of power, it supports 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 11V/11V/3A under 100-120V/1.7A input state. 6A, 20V/4.8A output; supports 5V/3A, 9V under 200-240V/1.7A input state. /3A, 11V/6A, and 20/6A outputs with a maximum output of 120W.

Xiaomi 120W Charger

There were rumors in the industry that Xiaomi would be launching the first 100W Superfast Charge this year, and at this point, the phone 100W is likely supported, but the charger specs go up to 120W.

In an official test video previously released by Xiaomi, it took just 17 minutes with the 100W charger to fill up the 4000mAh Battery. If it does make it to mass production, it will undoubtedly be the most powerful phone charging solution in the industry today.

Xiaomi 100W Charging

As for which new phone will make its debut, the current news basically points to Xiaomi’s oversized cup flagship, but whether it’s part of the Xiaomi MIX series Still the Mi 10 series is unclear at the moment. Perhaps the Mi 10 Pro+ is coming?

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