How Micro-Cloud PTZ installed on Vivo X50 Pro And Refine Photography

How Micro-Cloud PTZ installed on Vivo X50 Pro

Today, Vivo official Weibo released a video introducing the technology of mobile micro-cloud PTZ platform, which caused many netizens to discuss. In the video, Vivo fixed an X50 Pro with a professional camera on the front of the car. It can be seen that the picture taken by the Vivo X50 Pro is more stable, and all this is due to the built-in micro-cloud platform of the X50 Pro. It is also a remarkable feature of the appearance of this mobile phone.

Vivo X50 Pro

In the video, Vivo explains how Micro-Cloud PTZ installed on Vivo X50 Pro and how it helps in mobile photography.

How Micro-Cloud PTZ installed on Vivo X50 Pro

The light reflected by the object is projected onto the photosensitive element through the lens, which is a simplified model of photography technology. For ordinary mobile phone users, the vibration caused by the arm when holding the camera, the shaking caused by walking, and the bumps caused by the vehicle will cause the picture to be unstable.

At present, the most mainstream mobile phone anti-shake solution on the market is to stabilize the picture by shifting the lens and algorithm compensation, that is, OIS and EIS. The principle of OIS optical image stabilization is that the lens compensates for the blur of the picture caused by the shake through the reverse displacement.

How Micro-Cloud PTZ installed on Vivo X50 Pro

Because its lens moves relative to the photosensitive element, it will cause the optical axis to shift, and the imaging effect on the edge of the picture becomes worse, or even “Water ripples” are generated. EIS electronic anti-shake is to synthesize a stable picture through an algorithm. The problem with this solution is that a maximum of 40% of the picture needs to be cut off, and the actual frame is greatly reduced.

So is there a plan to make the lens and the photosensitive element move together to prevent the overall shake? Vivo engineers chose to make the entire camera module into a micro-cloud platform, and then plug it into the phone to ensure that the lens and the photosensitive element adjust the posture together so that the picture is stable and smooth.

How Micro-Cloud PTZ installed on Vivo X50 Pro

However, the micro gimbal is bulky and needs enough space for its rotation work. Therefore, the gimbal of the first version of the plan has a total area of ​​1176 square millimeters, and the thickness of the convex hull of the mobile phone has reached 11mm, which is exceeded.

After investing hundreds of people, it took half a year before and after, after hundreds of solutions, Vivo’s hardware architecture engineers finally adopted an innovative stacking solution, a special-shaped structure magnetic frame, with double ball suspension and double S-type FPC cable design.

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On the premise of ensuring the normal use of the micro platform, it will save about 40% of the board area, reduce the thickness by 1mm, and “limit” the distance between the micro platform and the screen to 0.13mm, and then take good structural protection measures to achieve. A stacking solution with a “perfect” balance between the design and the layout of the motherboard.

Vivo X50 Pro’s micro-cloud platform can achieve three-dimensional rotation, which offsets the blurry picture caused by mobile phone jitter in most cases. When shooting video on the handheld, walking, or transportation, users no longer have to worry about the picture jitter.

At the same time, the Vivo X50 Pro performs extremely well in low-light environments. When the light is poor, the micro-cloud platform can easily stabilize the shutter speed of up to 1/4 second, which is four stops longer than the traditional safety shutter, which can enhance the ability and clarity of dark light filming in night scenes. Increase the absolute amount of light entering and capture more details in the dark. Coupled with the starry sky mode of Vivo X50 Pro, you can shoot the magnificent night sky and record the beauty of the starry sky.

Under the same light conditions, the micro-cloud platform can provide a faster shutter speed, so it is also good at capturing objects in motion.

Vivo X50 Pro Night Camera Sample

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