Oppo Smart Band Brings Every Second Heart Rate Monitoring

Oppo Smart Band Price And Specifications

Along with OPPO Reno4 series and ENCO W51 true wireless headset, Oppo Smart Band also released. OPPO bracelet with continuous blood oxygen monitoring function can achieve “sleep 8 hours, 20,000 times the guard!”, monitoring blood oxygen saturation per second during sleep; there are also 12 professional sports modes and several convenient functions.

Oppo Smart Band Hands On and Feature Tour

In terms of value, the bracelet has a large 1.1-inch AMOLED color screen, and also offers two different styles for sports and fashion for users to choose between.

Oppo Smart Band Price And Specifications

Officially, the continuous blood oxygen monitoring function relies on the optical blood oxygen sensor built into the OPPO bracelet. This component enables the OPPO bracelet to continuously monitor blood oxygen saturation every second even when the user is asleep, namely 28,800 uninterrupted monitoring sessions can be completed during 8 hours of sleep, allowing better measurement of body oxygen during sleep saturation and breathing status. When combined with professional sleep monitoring features, the OPPO bracelet can also help users develop healthier sleep habits.

Besides, 24-hour heart rate monitoring is also a standard feature of the OPPO bracelet, and with the built-in optical heart rate sensor, not only can you retrace your steps, but you can also use the OPPO bracelet to monitor your heart rate. Heart rate status can also be monitored in real-time to alert health risks with a vibration alert when the heart rate is too high or too low; during exercise, the heart rate changes recorded in the OPPO bracelet can also provide accurate data to support the scientific exercise.

In terms of design, the OPPO bracelet is available in two versions: standard and fashion, with the standard version offering two color schemes: Silent Night Black and Misty Purple with sports style wristbands. While the Fashion Edition offers two popular color combinations, Star Black and Quicksilver Gold.

And, OPPO bracelet fashion edition also has a creative metal ring clasp integrated into the exterior design, so that the curvature of the wristband can be 360 degrees flexible. Adjustment, more comfortable to wear. Besides, OPPO also launched a limited edition of the OPPO bracelet New Century Gospel Warriors, the wristband using the goddess of fragrance tomorrow’s battle costume “red and black color collision.” The design has a stronger visual impact.

In terms of dials, the OPPO Smart Band also offers more than 160 different styles of versatile dials for users to follow their personalities, likes, and dislikes.

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For sports functions, OPPO bracelet supports fat loss running, indoor/outdoor running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical, rowing machine. The OPPO Smart Band also supports 50 meters of water resistance and will generate a complete sports report after the exercise, allowing users to more get an intuitive look at the motion effects.

In city life, the OPPO bracelet can also be an extension of the phone’s function. It can receive push messages from WeChat, notifications of incoming calls, or control the phone’s music playback, or find the phone through the bracelet.

Officially, the OPPO bracelet is powered by a high-performance, low-power processor and also packs a large 100mAh battery that it fills up quickly in 1.5 hours and lasts up to 14 days.

Oppo Smart Band Price

The OPPO Smart Band price is RMB 199 about ₹2,139 for the standard version, RMB 249 about ₹2,630 for the fashion version, and RMB 299 about ₹3,190 for the New Century Evangelion Limited Edition.


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