Oppo ENCO W51 Price, Specifications And Availability

Oppo ENCO W51 Price And Specifications

Today OPPO Reno4 series 5G video phone launch was held. In addition to Reno4 and Reno4 Pro, OPPO also released the first active noise cancellation true wireless headset – OPPO Enco W51, which supports ANC noise cancellation and wireless charging. Oppo ENCO W51 price is RMB 499 about ₹5,300.

Oppo ENCO W51 Official Introduction Video

OPPO Enco W51 uses a “2+2” noise reduction solution from the new architecture. High-end dual-core digital noise reduction chip + ANC dual active noise reduction technology components. As a result, the effective noise reduction bandwidth of OPPO Enco W51 can be extended to 2.5KHz, and the maximum noise reduction depth is 2.5KHz. 35dB. The OPPO Enco W51 also has three microphones for upstream call noise cancellation, with the third microphone located in the Exit mouthpiece that picks up sound in the ear canal and is less prone to external interference.

Oppo ENCO W51 Price And Specifications

The OPPO Enco W51 is the industry’s first true wireless headphones to implement system-level sound quality compensation algorithms that allow for realistic reproduction of the sound. Noise reduction before sound detail, reduce the noise reduction brought about by some of the sound quality loss, can maximize the sound quality under the noise reduction on still producing a beautiful sound.

At the same time, OPPO Enco W51 uses 7mm dual TPU composite graphene diaphragm horn as the sound unit, lightweight, and the sound quality is excellent. It is responsive and high-fidelity, which helps you hear rich sound details. The design of the diaphragm dome and cantilever separation provides a bright, transparent high-frequency sound with powerful low-frequency dive.

Oppo ENCO W51

OPPO Enco W51 with Qi wireless charging protocol, wirelessly charging your headphone case with the help of OPPO Enco W51. 15min, listen to music up to 3h. 24h of total battery life of the body, 4h of listening every day, a week only a single charge is required. The headset also supports wireless reverse charging of its charging case by some phones.

OPPO Enco W51 with dual-core architecture Bluetooth 5.0 chip, with OPPO Reno4 series phones, Besides, the OPPO Enco W51 can achieve a low latency of 94ms, while the headset side latency alone is 47ms. The OPPO Enco W51 is available in velvet white, feather black and azure blue colors.

In terms of operation, OPPO Enco W51 not only supports double-tap the left ear switch to reduce noise, double-tap the right ear to cut the song, or hang up the phone, but also supports the use of the phone on the left ear. The body-in-one controls, such as the three-stroke wake-up voice assistant, also provide comfortable and sensation-free wearing and connection experience. The ergonomic design conforms to the structure of the ear canal, supports the IP54 rating of dust and water resistance and fast pairing, open the cap and connect.

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The OPPO Enco W51 noise-canceling headset is priced at 499 yuan and will be available on the OPPO official store and other major platforms on June 5 at 21:00 (Beijing Time) to open reservations (30 yuan less). The first wave of pre-order starts at 0:00 on the 12th, and it officially goes on sale across all channels on July 9.

OPPO Enco W51 Specifications


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