Unreleased Masterpiece from Realme Mobile is Cancelled

Realme Cancel it’s Unreleased Masterpiece

REALME had inadvertently exposed a new phone last month that features an all-black body design, most notably a bright yellow centerline on the back of the body that not only hides the camera inside but also sits with the lens free of bulges, the biggest design highlight of the unreleased masterpiece.

Realme’s Unreleased Prototype Phone

The new phone is a change from Realme’s current design ID and has an extreme style, so many people thought that realme was going to change its image and bring a gaming phone, but today, Realme’s executives said on its social network that the new phone has been confirmed to be chopped.

The realme India CMO Francis Wang said that the realme phone is beautiful, but to achieve a camera that doesn’t protrude would inevitably reduce the phone’s battery capacity significantly, so the design was abandoned.

In the current mobile phone market, it is not difficult to achieve a well-designed phone, the hard part is to make consumers willing to pay for it, and the weight and thickness must be balanced before it can, obviously realme brought a good design prototype, but in the end, it is still difficult to escape the fate of being cut.

Yeah, it’s beautiful. However, to put the camera flat under this back cover, battery size has to be significantly compromised. Hence dropped this design. Limit of technology, the team is working on sth. better. The stylish design is our advantage, will continue with it.

– Said, Francis Wang (CMO, Realme Mobile).


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