Faster And Smarter – ColorOS New Version Debuting With Reno4 Series

ColorOS New Version; Faster, Know You Better

Today, OPPO teased that the ColorOS new version which will bring a new feature: faster and more understanding, the system is debuted by the Oppo Reno4 series.

It’s not hard to see from the official poster that “Faster, Know You Better” suggests that the new ColorOS system runs faster and become smarter.

“Get to know you better” suggests that the OPPO Breeno smart assistant will be more human. Currently, Breeno can have multiple rounds of conversations with users, finding food, navigating, booking flights, checking hotels, etc. can all be done through voice control.

On ColorOS 7, OPPO brings the first self-developed technology optimized for physical memory fragmentation and virtual memory fragmentation – the memory anti-diversification engine.

It is reported that the memory anti-defragmentation engine can reduce small memory pollution at the level of physical memory and virtual memory, improve the success rate of large memory allocation, and ultimately greatly improve the smoothness of the phone for long periods.

The new ColorOS version will be premiered by the Reno4 series, the new generation of Reno phones from OPPO. According to the official disclosure, one of the things to watch for the OPPO Reno4 series is the support for 65W super flash, another big thing to watch is video stabilization, self-developed HDR algorithms and night camera capability. The key specifications of the Reno4 Series are already compared before.


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